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Bringing a decorative touch of Apulia into your home.

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The ceramic vase is hand-made and painted by our artisan potters here in Apulia to decorate your home.


The olive bonsai tree is an outdoor plant, you can place it on the terrace, balcony or garden.

During the Summer place the bonsai at a sunny spot. Even if the direct sunlight doesn’t damage the tree, it can dry out the soil too quickly.

During the Winter when the temperatures get lower, the roots must be protected. You can wrap the pot with a winter cover protection, or put it in a box and place it close to the corner. You can also place it in a winter greenhouse or close to the window in a cold room.

Watering bonsai is very important. Water when the soil gets slightly dry. How often? It depends on the size of the tree, the position, the season and the soil in the pot. During Spring and Summer, after winter dormancy, the tree starts the blooming period and soil dries out faster than during Fall or Winter. So watering will be needed quite often. During Spring, when the plant grows the most, in order to keep the shape of the tree with new branches inside the crown, the pruning is needed before the buds begin to swell. Concerning fertilization, the tree must be fed during the Spring growth season March until Fall October with specific fertilizers for bonsai. Organic and slow release fertilizers are recommended. As all outside bonsai, during the Winter shouldn’t be fertilized as it begins the dormancy season.